K&S Hornet Hardtail Deluxe

Mostly complete except for fenders and clutchguard. The motor apprars to be Original. But somebody has hillbilly rig the throttle and the governor but it does run. The Chrome underneath the crappy paint still have some shine to it and no heavy pItting.. Could be an easy restore. $400 local pickup in Ohio ..Will discuss shipping if you want it that bad. Pics to follow
Is anyone interested in this bike before I start disassembling it and send it to the sandblaster ? I am a little flexible on the price if picked up soon.
A tad early for a bump isn't it Paul? Give it a week and it might sell, beats spending a mint on it and having to ask a small fortune to recoup the $ spent.
Well Andy I bought it to restore.Unfortunately I have come down with Bell's Palsy and I just dont feel up to it at the moment. And I decided I still have other projects that need my attention like the T777 I bought a couple months ago. It was an impulse buy lol ...Mainly because I have never seen a K&S in these parts.