Mini Bike Drawing I Drew

Back from the dead...

This drawing has been great for playing with color combinations. I'm currently thinking a red/maroon frame with bronze/gold wheels would lookk good...
I drew up a couple chopper frames. but my scanner is currently being retarted so the scans look like crap. :doah:
OH!. I just remembered I drew this up for a paint scheme on my 70' rupp. not sure if you guys need it or not, but here it is. :shrug::thumbsup:

I know its not in black and white, but theres NO gradients, everything is in solid color.. so anyone that knows how to click a mouse can change the color with ease. :eek:ut:

not mine....OldMiniBikes member Radical was 12 yrs old when he drew this picture back in the 60's of the bike he was dreaming of for Christmas...........

aaaah what the hell.. here's a couple sketches I drew up in various class periods.

I actually turned this one into a nice graphic after like 4 hours of slaving to the computer. :doah:

A couple drag style bikes.

This drawing has numerous mistakes, but I'd really like to see it become a reality one day.

there's a few more, but they aren't as worthy of showing off. :laugh: