Monster Moto MMB80 with 212 Predator upgrade (I've got a bunch of questions)

Hi All,
I'm very new here as I'm not really involved much with mini bikes but I've found this site pretty helpful so far.
My kids have a MMB80 that we just swapped out the stock engine for a Predator 212. The basic job went pretty smooth and the bike is up and running but I have a few questions I hope you can help me with. Sorry for the laundry list below. This is the first time I've swapped out an engine on anything and this is all new to me.

1. Holy crap this thing has got a lot of torque! Just for basic safety I'd like to dial that back just a little. My understanding is that a smaller rear sprocket may be the simplest way to achieve this. Currently the rear sprocket is stock. Can you offer some advise as to sizes/sites, etc? I flipped the thing on my first test ride!

2. Clutch chain guard for the Predator. We don't need anything fancy. Can you recommend a proper guard for the left side of this thing?

3. Any thoughts on where to get a cover for the stock muffler so my kids don't accidentally burn their legs?

4. Brake upgrades. It seems to me with the increased speed that the stock brakes aren't gonna last very long. I'd appreciate the recommendations here.

5. Tires/wheels. They're fine for now but this is something we'd like to upgrade eventually. I'm also thinking about maybe getting taller tires to give a little more ground clearance for a little bit of off road.

6. The bike feels like it pulls to the right a bit. I assume that this is due to how the weight is distributed with how the engine sits. Have any of you added counter weights to the left side to help compensate?

I appreciate all you can offer.

Welcome aboard, Daryl,
I'm also a newbie.
An old friend of mine recently built a minibike for his grandkids. He also installed the Predator 212cc on the bike at first. When first driving it, he said it easily pulled up the front wheel when he got on it. He determined it was a bit too much power for his young grandkids, so he went with a lower horsepower Honda engine...GX-160?
I think you have the right idea about changing the rear sprocket to a smaller size. Other than providing more top end, I'm sure it would cut down on the low end, and not be as torquey out of the hole.

You can get the chain guard from either Monster Moto, or Motovox...seeing they both use the same plastic chain guard.
Here's Monster Moto's customer support # 855-833-6483, or e-mail them @
Here's the link to MotoVox Motovox : Store
Hope this helps you.

As far as brakes are concerned, they certainly can stand to be upgraded...especially with the 212cc powerplant.
There's a hydraulic brake setup available. These bikes can use a brake upgrade, bigtime.

That's about all I can come up with at this time.
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Is your clutch installed with the sprocket on the outside ? If so turn it around so the sprocket is on the inside and move the engine over and it will be better balanced. Post a picture of that side of the mini bike.
I'll get more pics but in order to keep the chain aligned from front to back I had to install the clutch with the teeth on the inside. This naturally brings the engine further to the left but it's still pretty right side heavy.
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