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Picked up this CBR1100XX yesterday. I'm probably going to turn it into a street fighter since it doesn't need that much to make it rideable again. It was low sided and it looks like the neck is still ok. It was cheap, so hahahaha it (still has a clean title too). It also came with a nice Corbin seat that will go for a decent amount. I'm thinking I can have the bike fully together and rideable for under $1,000 out of pocket once I sell parts I don't need.

Got some new exhaust for the Z1000.

Picked up a set of dirt wheels for the DRZ400SM.

Mike, that is one butt ugly bike :doah: I bet it was butt ugly before it was wrecked :doah:
The bags are horrendous looking. They look better without them. Still not the best looking bike though.

I'm going to be going for a look more like this, but with a different tail section/seat setup.



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Was at a high end MC show in Carmel today, $75 general admission in an unsuccessful attempt keep people like me out.

Thinking about picking this up as a grocery getter...

Recently picked up another DRZ400SM. It's got 32,000 miles on it, but I got it for $2500. Also has a FCR39 carb on it. It's still running the stock exhaust. I like it quiet, but would also like to take advantage of the carb. All I had to do was put some new tires on it. I traded the rack it had for a pair of new front tires that a guy at work had laying around. I only needed to buy the rear, which was cheap.

edit: A friend of mine came by tonight and left me with his street fightered R1 so he could ride the DRZ for a few days. Got some texts from him...

"Rides nice, so much grip for a sumo"

"This is like giving a toddler a loaded .45, what have you done"

He said he'd bring it back Wed or Thurs. I'm not expecting to see the bike again until this weekend. He's having too much fun on it. :laugh:

Late edit: Here's how the CBR1100XX currently looks. Still got a ways to go on it. I'm still just a little over $1,000 into it (including purchase price) and have most of the parts needed to finish it. Just got to stop being lazy.

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My dad bought this 1982 GS1100E for my grandfather when it was brand new. he rode it for a few years and then crashed it into a bronco that backed out in front of him. my dad fixed and sold it to his co worker who commuted on it for years then parked it. it had been sitting for ten years when i inquired about it. long story short drove 5 hours to pick it up, it had a full tank of rotten gas. took a couple month to get running but fixed it for next to nothing.

my 04 CBR600RR and my Dads 96 CBR900RR
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Here's one of mine 1975 Kawasaki S3 daily rider in the Summer time, I also have a 74 Kawasaki H1 project and Kawasaki S2 and my mini bike Kawasaki KV75 ,,,,,,, anyone see the pattern here??????? Two Strokes make me smile :smile:

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