MrPat's 2015 Vintage class OldMiniBikes build off entry: Taco T100


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Alrighty folks, here are my final pictures of the completed project. This has been a fun build, but had it's struggles.

From the extremely cold winter this year, to finding the time to do it "right" and locating a few parts.

I would to thank everyone for all the encouraging comments, and the people who offered advice, and parts for this build. (You know who you are).

Thank you for a wonderful experience,


Man,if I was a kid and saw that on the showroom oh boy.
Beautiful. Certainly one of your best builds.
Well done sir.


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engine sounds like it's got little more then 3hp. push's you right down the street real easy..........:scooter: looks good...:thumbsup:
Hi Pat,

Slow. I have all of the parts (except for shocks) and I wanted to talk to you about your kick stand and new rear tire. I have been driving our Manx dune buggy a lot and have a deadline of mid-October to have the Lynx finished for a buggy show in Nags Head.
Pat, I've been watching this since you started, and I knew it would come out as good as it did. Great job. It does indeed look showroom, and is definitely a bike anyone would want for their collection.