MTD badged as Fyling "O" OTASCO or Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company mini.

I stared at this bike for years at my local OTASCO store but never got one. Got this bike in a lot of ten minis and it sat at the seller's house a while for some reason but it's been here a while and time to get rid of it. Has good tank but some yahoo painted it and oven cleaner is not taking it off but I'll get it off and sell it with the roller or as a part. I sold the engine last week so now the roller will be offered for a spell then if it doesn't sell in a week the parts will be sold off. I'll accept "dibs" on parts should it come to this but by PM ONLY please and I'll be fair as always. Parts will consist of wheels and #41 sprocket as a set, forks and handlebars as a set. Jackshaft bracket and intact threaded end shaft. The drive and driven are to be offered sooner and for very little $. And the brake assembly with band will be another piece. Also the seat but it needs to be used as a reference so the ride will buy it or for $15 and the ride I'll strip it ship the foam the cover and a pattern of the wood base.

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Looks like the tank and jackshaft bracket will be sold so if anyone needs forks or wheels etc. let me know. Brake assembly is on hold currently. So fenders $50 shipped were chrome rear is bent a bit and chrome is bad, forks $75 shipped, wheels with #41 sprocket $60 shipped.
Engine and clutches, jackshaft and tank also brake assembly sold. Still have forks with bolt/castle nut and handlebars with hardware $75 shipped, fenders $50 shipped, and wheels $60 shipped all damn cheap. I made enough $ on this pig I can afford to sell the parts for reasonable prices now, lets get em gone don't be afraid to make an offer. Will take $85 for the bare frame delivered in the lower 48. All parts shipped to lower 48 only.