New minibike-and-other-projects-workshop project.

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While the pandemic was going on, I decided to start building a new garage in my backyard, here in Netherlands. Because the building process here in Netherlands might differ from yours in USA, it might be interested fro some.
I build the new garage by myself and get help from my brother and others if needed.
I've made drawings, made the steel construction, layed bricks and learned a lot so far.

The current workshop/garage is 10 miles from my house, at my moms place. Which also has it's benefits, but a workshop right there where I live would be more comfortabel.
To clear some space at my property we started by removing an old conifer hedge and replace it with a new concrete/wood fence.

I've made video's of the new garage build.

Part 1 (design of new workshop):

Part 2 (making steel construction):

Part 3 (demolish little old shed):

Part 4 (pouring concrete foundation):

"Stay tuned"

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3 weeks of holiday, will be spend at my new garage/workshop.
I have made a brickwall for the toilet room and further I have made trim for the gutters, which have been placed, too.
Currently working on designing, drawing a shelter that will be added to the lefthand side of the new garage. It will be used to park the mopeds, bicyles, firewood, garden tools, etc.
Need to pour a concrete foundation for that and probably at the same time as concrete for the subfloor* is being delivered.
*Subfloor is 8cm of concrete, on top of that goes 10cm of PIR insulation and on top of that comes 10-12cm of concrete (with floor heating), which will be "polished" or as we (Dutch) call it: vlinderen.

An electrician is coming over after the holidays to see what would be the best options to power all equipment and if a heavier power connection from the grid is needed. I'm planning to get the Bridgeport mill (1800W) here, a lathe (???W), welding MIG/TIG, saw, compressor, coffee machine, etc... Some of them are 230V and some are 380V. 230V is "normal" power here in Netherland, which everyone has in house. It is 1 phase and zero. 380V is 3phase and zero. If I am correct.
My power connection to the grid is 3x25A, that would be enough for 17000Watts, that is including the house.
Lots to think over...
Stay tuned!

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Hello again,
Electrician came over for a quick inspection a while ago, there would be no need for a heavier power connection from the grid, that is if I do not use all heavy machines at once... Fingers crossed.
Since last update I have added gutters and finished roofing; video:

Also since last update; The shelter/addon is by now "finished". It just needs the final touches. The concrete for the shelters foundation I mixed/made myself and not as suggested in last update together with the subfloor of the garage.
Video of building the shelter/garage addon:

Next on the to-do-list is the workshop floor. Insulated and heated concrete floor. First I have to dig for and install sewerage and waterpipes that will go under the floor. Also need to "scrape" 5 cm of ground out of the workshop otherwise the floor will get to high.
Well spent holidays, that will be.
Happy holidays!