new rear tire for my super bronc vt-8

chatten63 {vt guru} turned me on to a tire site, found a duro 21x12x8. $ 61.00 shipped to my door. thanks Rick:thumbsup:
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Oh, you a funny guy Gumpit!!!

Actually its a VT1040 ... Super Bronc 2 .... Has a jackshaft and the disc brake.

But on the subject of the tires .....
The ones on my bike were Carlilses 21x12x8 dated 1994.
When inflated to less than 5 pounds the tire had serious clearance issues ... it measured 22-1/2 + inches diamiter.
Long story short ....
Every manufacturer has a section that calls out the mounted size ....
The Goodyear used to be available then it was discontinued ... I found old information that said the diamiter mounted was 20-1/2 inches at 5 pounds ...
Then I found out another manufacturer bought the mold and was repoping them .... I bought 2.
They are the size they were advertised ... the width is the same as the carlisles that came off ... 11-1/2 inches or so ...
I can now use the full range of my tire adjustment wtout hitting anything.
Also the front tire was hitting the fender with the old tires ... this is no longer a problem.

The Goodyear is the only tire I could find that looks like the originals and fits like they should.

When buying ATV tires PAY ATTENTION TO THE MOUNTED SIZE ....not just the size on the sidewall.


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hey butch63, got any good pictures of them duro tires on your bike. i like to see how they fit........:thumbsup: