New to Me Murray Track 2 Questions

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I picked up an almost like new Murray Track 2 today. Paint tires etc. are excellent. It shows a manufacturing date of 01043 and the tires are stamped 0048. This makes the tires the 48th week of 2000 and the bike 43rd week of 2001? The Tecumseh is an H35 45776Y. So far I've increased the idle a bit and adjusted the throttle cable so the rpm's start increasing sooner. As I got it you had to turn the throttle a half a turn before the rpms increased. Throttle/clutch don't seem as smooth as the Bonanza with 2 hp Briggs I just parted with...And I know there was discussion on here with someone in St Pete FL who claimed to have 50 mini's. I don't know if it was the same person but I saw 17 or 18 when I delivered the Bonanza to the person who bought it from me.
Can't answer your questions, but that's a cool little bike; appears to be in great condition. Should be sturdy with that fat tubing. What's the wheelbase on that bike?