new to mini bikes- clutch issue on Baja Doodle Bug

I just picked up a baja doodle buy on craigslist.

Bike looks to be in great condition except the previous owner's daughter ran into the garage and bent the forks all up. I took front end apart and bent everything back to shape. Got the bike started up on the second pull but noticed an issue.

Seems to be with the clutch. The clutch will not disengage. Even at a low idle, it wants to go. I have to lift rear off ground or it wants to go. When I throttle up with the rear end lifted, it goes faster as expected but makes a loud noise from clutch area.

Is this something that I should just replace the clutch or is there a tutorial somewhere that shows how to remove and fix clutch?



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its probably just the clutch bushing or its rusted from sitting . your chain being too tight could do this too but i would guess not in this case .. i would take it off and take it apart and make sure it is clean .a lubricate just the bushing . if it has low usage it should be salvageable .. if not top of the page OldMiniBikes
any tips on getting the clutch off. Attempting to remove nut just results in driveshaft turning engine over. Sorry for the New-B questions