New to the forum.

Hey everyone. Been read-only on this forum for a few weeks gathering info about my old baja blitz I found in a field behind a shed on my parents property, and now that I spent a bunch of money to work on it I figured I'd join up to get some info and ideas.


Before/after photo I snapped this morning.


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Welcome to OldMiniBikes.
Good spot to spend money.
Already ordered a bunch of stuff but I can't type much because my posts keep getting denied. Figured I'd have to up my post count a bit in here before I jump in. So far I have a new engine and everything to install that engine, currently in the middle of that project. Came here to ask a question but looks like I need to be patient haha.
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Welcome aboard Johnny, post up some pics when you can. :thumbsup:
Looks like you already have , :laugh:
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Got one pic posted above, not sure if it's showing up for everyone or just me. A before/after shot for this morning. Currently in the middle of the engine swap but have to get my post count up a bit before I can ask a technical question about a potential clearance issue I ran in to.