old license plates.


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You know I used the 58 Ohio plate as a clutch guard.
That's so ironic. I found that plate not in Ohio but, a little antique store we use to frequent in North Alabama when we lived there.
Have been dragging that thing around for 16 or so years. Funny how that worked out to be able to use it on a project instead of nailed to the garage in Al.,Fl.,and Al.,at 3 different houses.
I think I also have a Michigan one from somewhere in the same time frame. It's in a box somewhere in the garage.
I use to collect plates. I have them for Michigan back to the porcelin plates. Also motorcycle , boats and other ones and many still in Secretary of State envelopes. Oh..and at least one from every state and the 2 territories..( Guam and another I cant remember). I guess I should dig those out one day.
Thats one of my "cereal" plates. I have a bunch of those too. Back in the 70's and early 80's they were the prizes in the box of cereal instead of a toy.


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Just now went out and took a pic of my 50 Studebaker Champion with a 50 plate on the front. This car is a driver although it don't look it. You can sorta see the aluminum radiator through the grill. S-10 Chevy chassis and a 350ci Vortec engine and 4 speed Saginaw.
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I've got a few old plates, in Wisconsin they make you register bicycles and the plates are the perfect size for minibikes. A little smaller than a motorcycle tag but bigger than a cereal box one. I'll try to get some pics....