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Momar hi tack grease or Lucas red 'n' tacky equal or better at much less cost.
On what do you base your decision the others are better?

I checked into other lubes. Mostly because the Peerless is so expensive. I even have some Red n Tacky on hand and used it in my other trike's axle. Once I get a chance to put some real time on it, I'll pull it apart and see how that lube is doing. But there are a couple differences. The peerless does not increase it's flow properties with heat. At least not like other lubes. This is important with the Peerless 100 axles as there are no gaskets. The other lubes could, (potentially), drip out. The peerless does not "fling", at temp, like other lubes. In the small case, grease fling could reduce the lube qualities of the grease and increase wear on the gear sets. The Peerless requires, by comparison, very little grease. A squirt across the gears is all that is necessary. Last, the Peerless bentonite grease cushions gears better than any soap based lube can. I tried arguing against the Peerless grease and did a lot of research. There are a few other Bentonite based lubes available, that are less expensive and I'm sure they would all be fine. In the end, any quality grease should be fine. Especially in those machines that get tore down often enough. Additionally, I did not present or intend for this thread to be an endorsement or proclamation. My intent was to show others where they could get the Peerless grease at a better than average price.
High film strength and ability to resist fling off. Project Farm on YouTube did a grease test and demonstrated that Lucas red 'n' tacky excelled in these qualities.

Is cheap grease better than Lucas Red N Tacky (Project Farm)
The Bentonite grease liquifies when it gets used and coats the gears. The other grease gets spun out and sticks to the housing. Gets dirty and turns to dirt. I have pictured somewhere and it’s like dried mud.