Please help me I D my mini chopper

Hi I'm new and just got my first mini chopper here in New Zealand .It needs a carb gasket battery and a headlight for a start but I dont know make bike name or year .I dont evan know if it's a 49cc or 110 cc motor. Can any one give me any history or information please.
Here's my email address
Or PM me on face book here is link to photos of my bike
Curt Nore where do I post questions and photos .
This is mini chopper I just got needs carb gasket battery headlight but dont no where to start looking as have no info name of bike who made or year . I'm in Hamilton New Zealand and this is my bike....thanks



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Do you get Amazon there they have gaskets and carbs for those little engines. Nice little bike! And WELCOME to the site!
That's not vintage but it's a china chopper. if you look on the head of the engine there will be some.numbers stamped there probably 110cc or maybe 49cc or 124cc witch will tell you what cc the motor. Is I think that's a maddog chopper if it's not in quick Google search will find it type in fat tire mini chopper. you should find.out those are getting harder and harder to find around here. with the big tire on the back nice find fix her up and keep it it's just an average pit bike engine so parts are a dime a dozen for that the rear tires a couple hundred to replace. But other wise awesome bike.