Powell 7 HP

I've got this rare original Powell mini for sale, probably the best minibike ever built. I think that it was originally a 4 hp, but I bought it with a separate 7HP Briggs that included a clutch/converter already on the shaft. It may possibly be from a powell, but I am not for sure. It ran really good so I bolted it on and had a blast running it around. It is an ANIMAL! It has the two speed/range shifter so that you can leave it in low for rough trails and then let it eat in the high range. It doesn't have the original gas tank and I just rigged a plastic tank on to the top rail. I added a new chain and an aftermarket throttle. The clutch cover guard is missing (aren't they all!) I live in Bastrop, TX and will sell this neat bike for $500 firm. I might coinsider trades on anything interesting, but probably not another minibike, as I already have a few of them. Let me know what you have. I like old stuff with motors. Also hot rod parts, motorcycles, antique car stuff, antiques, collector stuff of all kinds... but I really like CASH!
Any of you ever read a book when you were a kid called "The Minibike Challenge"? The main character gets a 4hp Powell, I think it was a lot like the one in Rockwall's profile pic.

Great bike Judge Young, if I had more $$$$ and lived a heck of a lot closer, I'd buy it. That was my favorite book as a kid.


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I am not even going to mention how many, or how many parts I have. How about too many comes to mind. one of my favorite lines on this site, tons of crap! But James C. already claimed it.


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1969 Powell Challenger Minibike red 4hp tecumseh not original paint - $475 (Fullerton)
I think this craigslist Powell is later than 69 maybe 70.