Pred 212 starts, idles but shuts off when fuel tab is moved from start to run. Help!!

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A little background... it's several years old and always ran like a champ I just let it sit for 6 months like an idiot. Life got in the way.

So last week I drained the tank, removed the carb, cleaned it out, changed the oil, and put some "Mechanic in a bottle" in to the tank. After all of that, it ran and stopped multiple times and smoked a ton. Finally it got to the point where it would idle for hours. It revs up fine. The second I push the grey fuel
tab from "start" to "run" it cuts out. If I'm applying a little pressure to the throttle when I move the tab, it keeps running and revs like hell up to 4000 rpm. The moment I let go of the throttle, it dies again.

My knowledge of engines is limited so I'm hoping someone can help. I have done the hemi stage 2 upgrades on another predator I have and that's about the limit to my understanding. Any help is greatly appreciated! I really want to get this up and running for my sons. Thank you in advance.
Try the low speed jet. It's the little black plastic piece in the top of the carb right under the idle speed screw. Gently pop it out with a all regular screwdriver. The orifice is so small you'll need a strand of wire to clean it. Run the wire through the orifice and spray with carb cleaner. Blow dry with compressed air. Give that a try...

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So.... I found that little black piece, I pulled it out, cleaned it, ran a wire through (it was definitely clogged), ran compressed air through it and now it won't even idle. It starts and stalls in 10 seconds. I've tried opening and closing the idle screw to see if I just put it back on too tight and it stalls either way.

Any other ideas???


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When you say grey fuel tab are you talking about the choke? If so that sounds like you need bigger jets. You said you did stage 2 upgrades. Did you rejet the main and idle carburetor jets? What sizes are you running currently? If you're having to run any chock at all to run, then your jetting is too small.
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Thank you both for the responses. I didn't realize I should cheb the emulsion tube ports. I'm newer to this stuff so yay makes perfect sense now. I'll look in to it tomorrow.