Predator 212 with air filter, jet, e-tube, and exhaust, fuel use question.

Hi guys, I've been gone from the forums for almost two years, due to health issues and losing my internet and electricity due to medical bills, but I'm doing a bit better now, got everything turned back on and started working on my Baja MB200 again.

So, here's where my question comes in. I ran the bike with a stock predator for days at a time on 2 liters of gas. Depending on how much I rode it, sometimes I would go weeks without needing to fill it back up. Now I added a 36 jet, 140 e-tube, an air filter kit and a 15-16 inch header with a 1 inch wide pipe. In a normal evening of riding, say two hours, I can run out well over 1 liter of gas. I've checked for leaks and found nothing. I even switched fuel lines and gas tank to be sure. So, my question is simple. Do these mods really make it use that much gas? I understand it will use more than stock, but this much?:confused:


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Yes. Making horsepower comes down to one thing: burning for fuel mixture. That's why V8s make twice the power as four bangers: They burn twice as much fuel. Everything you did was designed to dump more fuel and air into the motor; therefore, it will burn more. That's the price of more power.
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