Removing governor on your engine and OldMiniBikes !!! Please read !!!

Hello all. Can anyone confirm ... I've read and seen videos that show a governor gear inside the Predator 212 motor. I recently spoke to a 40 year veteran motorcycle mechanic who told me that removing the governor arm disables that internal governor gear meaning that by simply removing the governor arm, you've removed the governor. Is this true or will I need to open the motor?
yoder , you can just disable the arm on top of your engine...but I prfer to take it all out of my engines. If you do disable the linkage I would tie it down some how so It doesn't flop around.
I have a predator 212 with a few mods what is your opinion on max rpms
mods are as follows
high flow air filter
140 imulsion tube 36 jet
robertson loop exhaust
18 # valve springs
just ordered an ARC billet flywheel
3600 to 3800 as long as governor is in tact ! If you're doing the billet flywheel , spend another $130 , split the case open and get a billet rod and a new cam , real easy to do , Buckeye even did it !
I will be disabling the governor by placing a zip tie in the spring for now. After this year's duck season I will be taking the motor down and installing a Billet rod mod 2 cam and high compression head. I am just trying to turn up as many RPMs that I can for now while still remaining safe. Do you all think 6500 - 7000 RPMs will be ok. With the build I have listed above.
my question is how do you keep the governor connected when you install the throttle kit on the honda clone, as the rod and its spring are removed from the plastic top on the butterfly shaft.
Yea I went over to GoKarts site and its just a top plate bolted on the engine, and the throttle assembly seems to be stock appearing.
Heres a better pic.


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Very glad to see this,, guess our 212 was close to blow up.stock will govoner spring clipped yes fast but time bomb..... engine now vibration bad 1/2 flywheel fins missing... not build to make top RPMs stock