Revisiting the Lemon Peeler....aka Ruttman Spyder

Thanks everyone...

Oh my, what a jewel , Bill. I;ve not seen a chrome/polished stock tank before, that's rare..
Could you elaborate on your exhaust system a bit, it's incredibly out of
the box and beauteous.
Thanks...I had the tank and all the tins chromed when I originally started this build years ago. The pipe was made by a local guy in the Detroit area about 8-9 years ago (though I forgot his name now). It is based off the original Ruttman "S" pipe. He made it exact except for the flange to run a clone/Honda motor. I also had that chromed because...just had
Bill, are you saying Ruttman sold a mini with that pipe on it in dull steel?
Does your leg get close to it when you ride it, or am I looking at it wrong?
They sold it a add on part per say. But I am sure you could order a bike with it on there already. You could walk into a Ruttman dealer and basically build a kit bike any way you wanted it back in the day. And you just have to watch your heel of the boot on it. You will get a better view once the bike is complete and all the parts are on in that area.