Rupp Dart Cycle on OKC CL


Too bad it was badly butchered or I'd be chasing my kids around on it, frame was raised and stretched and the suspension on the forks is gone or welded up with a weird axle mount. Wants to trade a JD lawn tractor which I have but not worth the trade so I asked if he'd take $300 till I realized the front suspension was gone and the frame was ruined. I thought he just assumed it had been modified by the way they are built but it really was stretched and raised badly too.
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Too many unfinished projects sitting already and I am not taking on a complete undoing and redoing of someone's really bad work, I'm sure many here could and would take on such a project but I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff rather than get more. Too bad because I've always wanted a Dart Cycle.

Looks pretty rough but I would probably still grab it. I can make you the nice seat for a large sum.:laugh:
What sucks about this is that it's one of two bucket list minis I've found here local that were as good as junk to me. The other was a micro rebel that was butchered even more and the unique gas tank was rusted through. Just as well most will be sold anyway, I'm moving to the lake when my youngest graduates and will be on the water most of the time.
Getting the Bonanza BC1200 today made up somewhat for my disappointment over the Dart Cycle, still the Dart would be an iconic and more prestigious bike to own and it would never have been considered for sale had it been a better example. I almost got it to sell to Scottesy or another top notch builder/fabricator here to bring back to it's original glory but the price was just too high, still any profit would have been waived to get such a bike back into the hobby. Not always about the $ for me.