Ruttman Grasshopper

I think it's a cr500 bonanza
My daughter gave this to me
Check out the foot brake Einstein would have been proud of that.when I first saw it I thought it was oem,it worked too.
It's not there anymore.Dave Miller as since passed.
If anyone knows where I could find some parts for this please let me know.I would like to have one of Daves new forks,these are bent and rusty.Its gonna cost more to straighten and chrome them then what he was selling new ones for.
That grasshopper is nice! My cousin sold one just a few months before he found out I was into mini bikes. Wish I could have got it. That pipe is killer!
I'm waiting for my seat to be made
The chrome forks and sissy bar are in good shape I'm not having them rechromed its to expensive it also has the origional ruttman wheels but I have not been able to find the correct fuel tank for it Yet.


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To my knowledge those are not the correct shocks for a grasshopper. I think they use standard sebacs with spring exposed. But you may be able to take the shock apart and remove that shroud exposing the spring. So it’s probably a win-win