Seat Spring Source

Got a lot done this weekend fixing the mess left over from the last owner. The remaining item is to build a seat and I need a source for springs that mount to the rear of the seat. Or any seat suspension ideas for a hard tail mini.
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What does the Farm stand for?

I was walking the aisles of the local Tractor Supply store, and found a spring center, which had all kinds of springs, pushers, pullers, and shock style. They have a website: maybe you can find the springs there?
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I have a small Poultry Farm.

Thanks for the leed from Tractor Supply. I'm looking for the type of springs that look like shocks and mounts to the rear of the seat and near the rear axle.

The photo should be attached now. I have remounted the engine, added a front fender, started on the mini apes, and fixed the frame splice.

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Here is a photo of the type of seat springs/shocks we need. Looking for a source or a lead on an old stash!

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