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Hello all. I haven't posted in a while. Still working on my Lil Indian Sabre. Just ordered new tires and an OldMiniBikes clutch brake kit for it off ebay. Found myself another project last week. My cousin has had this Sensation Mini Chopper sitting on his porch for about a year since he lost interest in it. So I decided to ask him if he would sell it and ended up buying it from him for $50. He said the motor ran last time he messed with it and that it had a new clutch and chain. It had a riding mower seat bolted on it and a motorcycle fender just wedged in between the seat springs. Also he must have cut the sissy bar off so that the mower seat would fit. I know it needed some serious work but I thought it would be really cool when I got finished building it. So as soon as I got it home I stripped all the crap off including the motor. The gas tank is full of rust and I'm probably gonna go with a 6 hp ohv Briggs that I've had my eye on. So I guess its gonna be my winter project. Came with some oddball front wheel. The rear wheel and sprocket look original but 2 the threaded holes in the wheel for the sproket bolts are broke out on the sides. Any information you can share with me about this bike would be very appreciated. Can anyone tell me how to identify the year it was made? The engine was not the original so its no help. Also anyone know what the wheels that came with it are from? What should the original wheels look like? Thanks in advance.
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They used those import victor wheels and tires (your back one is correct), they are actually Taiwan copies of Honda wheels that were offered on some of early monkey bikes and qa50's. I know a guy that has a front one listed on ebay right now :wink: May be stuck with a 5" in the rear at least due to the scrub brake, but the 4.00x5" tires are actually fairly large and a 4.10/3.6 6" tire may in fact fit it fine.

Thanks for the help markus. I'm looking forward to getting that wheel I bought from you. Does anyone know how to identify the year one of these made?


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from what little that i know about the sensation bikes is they made them in the late 60's to early 70's
the chopper bruchure as a tecumseh on it and from most date codes i have seen tecumseh's with front mount steel tanks would be late 60's to 1970.
if a guy could read the date code on a tire that might also put you in the ball park.....:thumbsup:
i also have the model bike that came with the 5inch. i save this from ebay. i believe this would work for a tire,but the price is little high with shipping.
4 00 x 5 Tyre Tire Suitable for Use with Honda Z50M QA50 | eBay
Thanks delray. I got my front wheel from Markus and it is nice! Can't any 4.00 - 5 tire work on these wheels though? I seen some on eBay for about $30 each.


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Thanks delray. I got my front wheel from Markus and it is nice! Can't any 4.00 - 5 tire work on these wheels though? I seen some on eBay for about $30 each.

yes, they just dont look the same of course, a 4.10/3.50 will too but they are a smaller tire than the 4.00. glad you could make use of that wheel :thumbsup:
Mine came with a non stock 5 inch wheel. When you hit the brake it scraped the ground. I put on a 6 inch back wheel and it's much better. You can check the tire pressure with the back brake when it's low it scrapes again! Lol! Thanks Markus, Good to know the type of back wheel I need to find!
From what I have read and seen the sensation chopper only came in purple.. The one I have is purple. And the other 3 I have seen were purple..If anybody knows different please chime in...


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Were can I get some of the paint you used on that wheel? I'd like to clean up my rear wheel and make it match the front.
should be that dupli color engine paint found at the auto parts store "aluminum" or "cast coat aluminium" I try to always getthe cast coat one, but somtimes grab the wrong one off the shelf :doah: If you clearcoat, it will actually look better/more correct looking. I had just stripped and then media blasted the wheel and then a quick spray on it with that paint only so the steel halve and steel ring didn't corrode again.
The sprocket that came with my back wheel is badly worn. I can't seem to find any sprockets on eBay with the 3 bolt pattern. Any idea where I can get one? It's #35 chain and I think it is 64 tooth.