Shin San Tong Gemini Panther DB80

Has anyone ever seen a San Tong DB80 Panther? It is similar to a Gemini Boss 80 but not the same, the engine is the same as a SST 80 or Boss 80, I have one in real nice shape,
but don't know if it is what it says or not, I can't find any info on this model anywhere. I will be posting photo's soon.
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I think that is the 175. Basically a copy of the Yamaha CT1. Still looking for that article. There is a guy on Pintrest with a Panther 80.
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Ok guys, I've seen those pics before, the one is an sst 80 minitrail, and the other is different than what I have. That's my bike on Pintrest, if it's the silver one.
Hey there, stumbled across this thread. Do you know of any sources for gasket/rebuild kits? I have and SST 80 I need to go through it.

Depends on what gaskets, I found somewhere on OldMiniBikes a thread that talks about what Yamaha parts fit. I have used a cylinder, gaskets and head for a early 60's Yamaha 80cc, fit perfect!


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If you are speaking of the article I sent you a pm a few weeks back. I have hunted all over the net for it. One of those things I stumbled across. I know I have it saved on my laptop. The laptop that is locked up with a virus. I continue to search.
My brothers and I had a panther back in the late 70's, it was black with white lettering that said panther on the gas tank, as I recall it was an 80 and was almost identical to the 175 in the previous post. I will ask my brothers if either of them have a picture and try to post it.