Slowly putting the TT together...

I guess I don't know why I waited so long but I thought I would post a few photos while I am waiting for parts. I am excited to get it completed but I will have to wait a little longer. I think it will gleam when I finally take it out in the daylight. :smile: Hopefully there won't be snow on the ground!:doah:
Thanks guys. I still have the larger TT sprocket but I wanted to get more top end out of it so I went with the chromed 60 tooth sprocket. I can switch it out later if I want to. I am also upgrading almost all fasteners to stainless steel so that should also help fight corrosion. I am waiting for Jim at Black Widow to get some parts in and then I will be real close to finishing. Unfortunately I will be out of town for a little while so it will have to sit until I get back.
VERY nice!:thumbsup: I was actually looking at paint books yesterday for a gold for mine; saw a 1968 Mercury & a 1970 Pontiac colors that looked good; what kind of tires are those?
A few steps closer!

Finally got the newly chromed fenders and the exhaust kit on. I also chromed the air filter canister. It is really starting to "pop". Just waiting on a seat and make some wiring harnesses and we should be completed. I can't believe this has taken so long.
Just don't forget that minibikes are for riding. I really respect the car guys who bring a car to a 100 point resto and show it then start driving till it needs restoring again.:thumbsup: