Stolen Identity

Maybe I'm not computer savvy, but I can't help but think that both the sending and recieving computers might be secure, but how many servers would the message have to pass through to get where it's supposed to go? (Sorta like land-line switching stations with the phone company.) It wouldn't be hard for a good hacker to write a program, hack it into one of those servers, just to wait for that 4-digit, 4-group sequence to come through.

I doesn't work that way.

Here is a picture showing basically how ssl works.
You may be right, MIPowdercoater, and maybe there is too much suspicion running around in my shoulder-mounted vaccuum chamber.
I feel the need to ask, though. Where did you get that diagram?
If it was off the internet, I can only respond with "Uhh, Bonjour".

You'll understand if I remain skeptical.