Suggestions on how to repair this seat ...

Super Bronc Seat ... The cover is worn in a couple spots but is good shape otherwise.
The wood will be replaced so the cover is coming off.

Can anything be done to shore it up?



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sometimes you can get away with streching them tighter when you reinstall. I have done it to a few originals to try and save them, you can see by the stenciling I had to go pretty far on this CCS one :laugh:

I dont want to replace anything if I dont have to ... Karen's skills are off the hook to be sure!
I wondered if there was a way to permnatly attach more material or something ... stretching may be an option ...

I've put split boots on cars that once glued there is no undoing it ... that was 30 years ago ...
I use HH-66 cement for patching my vinyl skinned kayak but that fabric is coated both sides. Your seat cover will be coated only one side, so a glued patch would be visible on the outside. Would that work?