Swap meet treasures


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Here's a few things from the swap meet.

Domino twist grips. One set has both grips and spring assist built in....$60. One set has only the Bill grip and no spring assist.....SOLD.

Super Bronc headlight. Worked when I got it with a basketcase super bronc. Never used it after that. Includes all the wiring and the switch (taped up to keep it together), but not sure how it stays together??....SOLD

Briggs air filter, NOS. Fits 5hp Briggs flatheads. Includes filter foam and mounting screw.....$20...SOLD
3/4" Clutches, old. One is an old Max Torque. Missing the back cover....$20.
One came off from an old Craftsman snow blower, dual sprockets......$15

Cecor kickstand. Approx. 8" long. Inner tension spring works good....$35...SOLD

NOS Oil Plug. Fits most small engines......$5

Powell seat bracket. Nuff said......$60

Plus shipping on all items. Buy in bulk to save on shipping charges:thumbsup:

PayPal preferred. Add 3% for fees or send as a gift.
USPS money order OK too.

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The old Max Torque clutch is no longer available, used it on a lil indian.

Only four items left for sale.....

Dual sprocket clutch. $15
Oil plug. $5
Domino Throttle control w/Bill grip. $60
Powell seat bracket. $60