Tecumseh H25-35 Gear reduction complete unit sale/trade


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Not really something for a mini bike, I think that maybe some of the old midget karts used these though???? I just bought this engine as a parts donor and lits like brand new internally, in fact under the shroud there is written 2018, in the same marker as the rpm etc.. written on the outside, making me thing it didn't actually get used or run till then (its that spotless inside)

At any rate If you have a need for a gear reduction unit for some odd reason This COMPLETE setup to fit H25 30 35 is available. I would trade it for a another sidecover and crankshaft (in spec and good shape of course) if you had a good engine you were wanting to convert.

It will come with the gear reduction assembly, Crankshaft, and sidecover as it is a little more uncommon in its seal size to fit the reduction housing. it is 3/4" keyed shaft output. Pictures of the engine are just so you can see overall condition and not available for purchase. seals all look good, I can supply the engine model number as well which will show and parts or gaskets you may need or want to change as well, but this was running when I bought it, and did not appear to have any leakage with exception to the vent plug during shipping (he didn't drain the oil from the reduction unit)

Looking for about $100/best offer shipped or again possible trade with member in good standing.

IMG_3980.JPG IMG_3981.JPG IMG_3975.JPG IMG_3976.JPG IMG_3977.JPG IMG_3978.JPG IMG_3979.JPG

Pictures of it on the engine for example of fitment, This is early 1970 so will plug in play with up to 1980 H25-35 and should be able to be used with early H22-25 engines as well, but would stroke the engine up to the H25-35 longer stroke

IMG_3970.JPG IMG_3971.JPG IMG_3972.JPG IMG_3973.JPG