Tecumseh HM-80 starter motor delete.


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I have decided to remove the E start components from my Heald Super Bronc for the time being. Starts with one pull anyway.

Did Tecumseh make a fan shroud bump out block off tin for the HM series of engines? I would hate to get a rock or debris stuck in there.


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@Sprocket86 with the electric start on a vt-8 being somewhat out of the ordinary (IMO)...why have you chosen to remove it ?
The wiring needs to be completely replaced. I do like that it’s original to the bike. I only plan to temporarily remove the E start parts until I plan on getting it all set up correctly.

I figure why lug around the starter motor if not needed.
Did the E start Healds have an external regulator/rectifier on the HM-80 and did the lights run directly off the battery?