The OMB All-Terrain, Trail Bike, Pack Mule, Tote Gote & Utility Bike Thread


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This bike is listed for sale here in FL a rupp :laugh: OK OK, I'll let that slide as Rupp did make a trail bike called a ridge runner, just not this bike :wink:

Heres the brochure/add I spotted on ebay:



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Trail King. Two speed oil filled transmission. Articulated in the middle spring frame. 750 pound pay-load,Massive drive chain,Clutch/brake that works so well you hardly ever use the front/rear brakes.
Darn thing has climbed everything I've asked it to. I've ridden it up to the summit of my mountains in the middle of no where and it always got me back home.
My bike is for rydin,not looking at....

Set up for two riders
Nothing says excitement like trying to outrun a mushroom cloud and nuclear fallout with your 3-1/2 hp Lauson that's been laying on it's side in your trunk for 2 months.