This Sunday April 23rd. L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet. Farmingdale NY

THIS SUNDAY!! April 23rd

L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet.[/B][/B]

9a.m. to 3p.m.

BUY - SELL - SWAP - Hang Out

Buy and Sell Vintage mini bikes, go kart, trikes and parts.

Come and see some really awesome Local mini bikes and a few from the West Coast. OldMiniBikes's Master builder Dan E Boy's 2013 mini bike build off Taco Frijole Enchiladas, OldMiniBikes's very own Master builder Markus (The Best) from Florida who started the George Barris Super Stocker restoration that BBT completed and A Very Rare CAT X3 Slingshot 100% Original condition.

HemiBrad from OldMiniBikes is NOT permitted at any event sponsored by L.I. Mini Bike show and swap meet starting with the April show.
Free Event!

Indoor restroom.

Come on down and Hang Out, BS about minis, buy one to take home or just browse.

We have people coming from all over the Tri State area to buy, sell, trade mini bikes and parts.

70 Baiting Place Rd
Farmingdale NY 11735

Hope to see some new faces this month!!

Greg D
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Not interested in attending and refrain from mentioning my name or I will have the moderator remove your ads because negative statements are in violation of forum policy.
That's why you were the FIRST person at the March show! people were not showing up because they saw you on videos i posted. Not 1 nice thing said. Not 1. My shows have been Great! Record attendance this past week!!!
I have not been calling you. And you fabricating information now.I have been collecting for years longer then you have. Also I have been on this site since 2010- five years earlier then you. True collector non a newbie. Don't bother coming to the NJ shows either.
Newbie Correct, with a KILLER COLLECTION you would take in a heartbeat! Barris Collection you will NEVER compare with. Fabricating info 100% wrong. Anyone want to hear about this guy and what he tried pulling with me and a Barris chopper just PM me or call if you have my number. I will ask Hent myself if I can post what I really want to say about what happened so more people know!
And I will go to NJ any time I want. You do not own NJ but I Do have the rights to the L.I. mini bike show and swap meet name and the property the event is held on.