Transmission help gemini

hi i have recently just acquired a Gemini SST 50cc. the motor runs fine but i am having problems when it come to the gears. the clutch works and also 1st and 4th gear work but it is not engaging 2nd and 3rd. occasionally it does go into them but not often. there is grinding when trying to find them. any help would be appreciated before i have to split the case which i probably will have to do.
Well I think your on your own with this. I have been in the same boat taking a Hodaka Ace 100 engine apart for the first time I had to do it for a customer as a warranty repair.
Make sure you have the shifter shaft lubed up and do this on a very cleaned up area so that nothing falls out into other parts. All I can offer is good luck
Steve Durham :scooter: Portland, Oregon
Gemini Gear box

Hi, I am in australia aswell and have a Gemini sst50, it is common for these to have gear shift issues, I am having a little success fiddling around with mine. It is often a broken 'cage'. look on ebay at the moment there is a rebuilt one for sale. good luck
Steve Bysouth is in Australia also and is a Gemini collector.His email in VMX issue#27 2006 is He may be able to help you. VMX is vintage motocross & dirt bike quarterly.There is a great piece on Geminis in that issue.Your engine is based on a YamahaYF1 engine and parts may interchange.Hope this helps.