Tri-Sport RTS-8 For Sale

I am this vehicle’s first and only owner. This one is basically a new machine. Nothing is missing, everything works.

It has less than 10 hours of usage (more like about 5-6). Except for the two times I took it out, it has been in sheltered, dark storage since I acquired it back in 1976. This three-wheeler has just undergone a near complete disassembly for inspection, restoration, and paint as needed. All components were cleaned, brushed, buffed, and/or painted as needed. Pics show little to no wear on driven sprocket verifying the few hours of usage. Brake bands show little wear as well. Engine ignition was inspected and set to factory specs. Fuel system (carburetor, fuel pump and gas tank) completely disassembled, cleaned, tested for proper operation. Engine starts on first or second pull.

Every part and component is the original item except for the following:
> Recoil Starter – I have the original but is inoperable due to cracked rope spool due to aging. Replacement item works fine but is not exactly identical to original.
> Right Brake Cable – Seized while in storage. Replaced with non-identical cable. Have original cable.
> Seat cushion snaps replaced. Cushion is the original with no rips, tears, or blemishes.
- Decals are original but somewhat bleached out due to age.
- Pictures show damage (sustained during storage) to fiberglass seat module, front fender, and decals. Damage is minimal; decision was made to let buyer repair as desired.
- Handlebar grips are original Magura, rubber is still alive, pliable and no cracks.
- Drive belt is the original Alsport item.
- Original left handle engine kill switch functions as new.
- Each Showa original coil-over disassembled and buffed. All spring pre-load adjusters are functional (not seized or frozen)
- All three tires are original with no cracking, no apparent aging, and still hold air. As you can see in the pics, the nubs are barely worn off.
- Exhaust pipe is original equipment with spark arrestor screen intact.
- All engine cowlings and shrouds were removed for inspection, cleaning, and touch-up paint.

Based on the near new condition and that it’s nearly impossible to find such a vehicle. Price is firm at $2,750.00. Payment will be either cash in person or via PayPal. Buyer assumes all responsibility for shipping arrangements and associated costs. Vehicle is located in Ventura, California. Please, no games. El Camino not included.

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