twin engine drive-train clutch setup

i've got to thinking about building a bike with two meth burning briggs engines, with the clutch, is there a special sprocket for engine #2? say if one engine is running more rpm than the other, will it be pulling? something where if the front engine is pulling, it has like a ratcheting effect?
any help is appreciated.
Contact OldMiniBikes member "smallbore". He has a twin engine bike that I have seen at some local So Cal get togethers- It is REALLY cool!:thumbsup:


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Or see BigRob's twin engine build off bike from 2 years ago. Isn't it Scootercat (not sure of the user name) that has a twin Predator build.


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So... could you start the front engine and let it warm up and then when pulling away from a stop, the clutch on the first engine would engage and start the rear engine?


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Yep start the front engine then give it some throttle it will start the rear engine
Think of it this way its a regular minibike setup and the engine that drives the rear wheel just gets extra help from the engine thats chained to it
Someone always says that the engines have to be synced . With this system both engines have the ability to slip via their clutches hence they will find their own sync automatically
Twin engine builds rock!
On mine I used two seperate clutches linked with a chain running on ring sprockets welded to the outer rim of the clutch bells
I am at work but will try and post a pic after work