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What is that dude wearing? :001_9898::eek:ut:

The Briggs & Stratton on my lawnmower gets whatever cheap oil the dollar store has...and, it loves it.
20 years old and it's still going.
This video came up after the lawn mower video.
It reminded me of my friend John. When he was about 20 years old or so he wanted to like the rest of our friends who worked on their own cars. He had a 67 El Camino and to change the oil he would pull off the oil filter, put a drain pan under it and start the engine. When the oil stop coming out he would put on the filter and add new oil. No joke! That is how he changed his oil. When the rest of us found out we ragged the piss out of him and showed him how to do it the right way...

(Rest in Peace John, we all loved you and miss you).


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