Wanted - Roper grab bar

I am hunting for a Roper grab bar.

Original would be great, but reproduction would be fine.

You never know till you ask....right.....:shrug:...:laugh:

Please PM me with any information.

Thank You,

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Hello Folks...I am still looking for a grab bar for my Roper.

Do any of you all know if any of the currently active members are bending any sissy bar / grab bar type stuff ?

I'm looking around local too...checked with my muffler guy, who does some mean bending for cars, but he does not have the right tooling for 3/4"...trying to figure out what other types of industries may have ability to bend small stock, and willing to make one or two.

Thanks in advance for any help.
I have one on my Roper I will send to you to use as a pattern if you find someone to bend it. ( Just to be clear I will need it back lol!) :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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I guess you should have bought the bike with the hard to find parts..lol... Now I am realizing I should raise the price of my bike. i didn't think it was so hard to find that grab bar.

Daniel Coop

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I too have been seeking that grab bar. Hard to find piece indeed. Maybe you or we should get together and take Doc up on his offer and get some made? Seems like they'd be an easy sell? I need a rear fender and hoop also, and would love to find an original 2spd box for it.
I will be listing one soon on Fleabay. Since nobody wanted the bike at Windber and it is harder to sell around here as a whole I am parting it out. Unfortunately because I hate to ship there are going to be a lot more,of the bikes parts in the sale. Maybe a couple of you can get together and split it. I'll start a thread with the pics.