Wards 525 clutch and converter questions

I have a Wards 525 that I recently purchased.
It runs and drives well but it doesn't have the correct drive system on it. It is just a clutch with a belt to a fixed pulley.
It works pretty good but I want more torque and lower "gearing" for acceleration. A torque converter gives that.

While researching I found they either cam with a two speed clutch or a torque converter.
I want to put a torque converter on mine. I'm not into 100% perfect OEM parts etc. I want function for not a lot of money.

It appears like a Comet 20 series type Torque converter set up would work better as opposed to a 30 series.
I say this because on a 30 series the driven spring is on the outside and on a 20 series it is on the inside.
I don't seem to have a lot of space to work with.

Please let me know what you think. Also if you have a picture of how Gilson/Wards did it from the factory that would be helpful. All the pictures I found had a clutch cover hiding what is behind it...

I have a generic plastic clutch cover I'll use for it...

This is a model #988 originally equipped with a two-speed drive. You've elected to go with a TC and that is fine, select the model 20. A model 30 will not fit as intended. I also have a two-speed version and the performance leaves me wanting more.

Model 20 TC installed on a #978 mini-


Thanks. It looks like you have to take a lot apart to change the belt.
Speaking of belts, What number is your belt?
Also what holds the driven on the shaft? I mean is it set screwed on or free floating on a keyway?

Sorry, made a mistake. Series #30 7" driven won't fit well. 6" will. Series 20 was OE...

Belt? Well, OE is series 20 so it takes a symmetric belt. Probably 78 or 79. Not as critical as you slide the engine to get proper tension- what ever comes in the TC kit you buy...

Changing a belt is a bitch but not something that takes more than 10 mins. Remove the bearing/bushing hangers and slide the belt off/on. Driver is a two minute job.
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You will enjoy the ride once you get it right.
I was a die hard, sell the farm, ain't nuttin better, Fox fan.
Now that I had a taste of the Gilson's, man it is a tough choice.
They ride great in every situation I have attempted.
No hills down this way so don't know but, can't imagine they wouldn't be good there as well. Geared right.
The minibike rides great now. The front forks were gummed up and not moving. I took them apart and I spent a lot of time cleaning the old crud grease out. I Applied new synthetic grease and the tubes work excellent now. The rear suspension has what looked like hydraulic coil over shocks. They work well also and aren't bouncy like regular springs are. It is a smooth riding bike, I just want to improve the drive system. I'm putting some new chrome fenders on it that match the wheel diameter better than what is on it.
Then maybe I'll contract Karen to make a new seat for it :)

I looked around on my hard drive and did find a photo of a V525. I don't know what the tag read but it could have been 13989. No chrome, remote tank, 20 series torque converter. If someone else can verify this was actually produced (not a one-off), this is probably what I would with yours.