what are you listening to v.2.0

Sorry ,that’s a horrible picture ^^ but last summer my brothers band was playing its last show (since 1974) and I invited to play with them .Thats me centre rear playing sax ,and left side with the guitar is Burton Cummings (american woman etc )with my middle brother playing trumpet beside him .
You're nuts, Cristina's vocals are fantastic! That is the album version from United Abominations - 2007. I assume you are referring to the original version from Youthanasia - 1994. I prefer the United Abominations version.
I like the Youthanasia version.

I'm just a bit picky about my female vocals in metal songs. I think Patty Gurdy needs to be a full time member of Alestorm. She's amazing.

I love that this thread I started almost 15 years ago is still getting replies.

Plus Megadeth.
It died in 2017, I revived it in 2020 on page 98. It's had more posts since 2020 than it had from 2009 to 2017. For anyone who doesn't know how to go directly to a certain page: Click the box with three dots at the top or bottom of the page, type the page number, click "Go".


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2 Different Folsum Prison Blues.

First one is the great Mashup of Zepplin and Cash by Surreal McCoys.

Whole Lotta Folsom - The Surreal McCoys

Next up is the heavy Small Town Titans cover;