What made you fall in love with 4 stroke lawn mower motors?

I had a whole thing typed out but I want to refine it before I post it.

Let's put it this way...doing a wheelie on a riding mower in a residential neighborhood at about 35 mph seems cool, but, stupid hurts.
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My love for mini bikes started Easter Sunday when my dad took me out to the garage and gave me a manco streaker. I was 5 years old.

I still enjoy them because of their simplicity.

I've also always enjoyed tractors. Used to restore a lot of them. Prior to my minibike dad gave me a huffy Fairlane to ride around on.

He started a life long love for 2 wheels...
It started with the cast iron B&S engine on my dad's Cooper Klipper mower when I was just a wee lad. I really loved the appearance of that engine, and also the aluminum B&S on my first Lil Indian when I was 11 or 12 years old.


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I never owned a mini bike or go kart as a child, always wanted one, but never was able to get one. Much, much later in life when the kids were young I introduced them to mini bikes and go karts but they never really like them. Me on the other hand, loved the aspect of building and making something I could ride that had a simple single cylinder engine on it. The kids are in college now but I still love working on the single cylinder engines and riding what I built whether that is a golf cart, motorcycle, go kart, and/or mini bike around.

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"What made you fall in love with 4 stroke lawn mower motors? "

Simple for me, The mini bike that was attached to it :)
Because the lawn mower engine was the heart of the minibike, I had to learn how to keep the Heart alive and well.
Those lessons of how a 4cycle engine works have served me well in the 50 years since being introduced to minibikes.

Although I came to appreciate a Tecumseh, The Briggs is the superior engine in terms of simplicity and reliability.
Rods that withstand 5000 RPM all day long and for the most part, no junk float carbs.
When you shut off a Briggs the fuel stays in the tank not gumming up the carb unless it is the older ones with float carb and even those are better.
And Magnetron ignition!