Wow check this one out

Looks like I'll have to add Bee keeping Fogger to my auto alerts alongside Snowblower, Tiller and Edger for finding vintage Tecumseh engines because great gods of pickin did I score last night!!

Look at this gorgeous thing. 1968 H30 in near pristine shape. In fact I was told it was used once or twice then put back in the garage and never used again because it was too heavy to lug around his open field of bee hives. I agree. Its too heavy for the job. What an impractical machine. Haha! But fast forward to 2015 and i have my best minibke engine yet. Everythings so clean. Decal pretty much all there. Original red painted spark plug.

Can wait to start inspecting it closer. I'll post more pics later.

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How cool is this paint job? Its like the camping cookware thats blue and flecks of white except its red. Even on the fuel line.

And that control bracket is pretty much the same as a mini's. I'll just take that plunger out and throttle cable goes in.