Xtreme Chain

I am tired of my stock chain breaking and buying more and more links:hammer:. I was looking at some chains that were more "heavy duty". Would this chain work?
Would it be long enough? Or would it be too short?

NEW RLV XTREME GO KART CHAIN #35 106 LINK: eBay Motors (item 230420745868 end time Aug-03-10 21:22:03 PDT)[/QUO

We use Extreme Black on Gold and Gold on Gold chain for our high horsepower motors (20+ HP) all the time and they work great. If you buy the chain also purchase a chain breaker as well so you can add or subtract links with ease.
Hey, I was doing some research about these chains and it doesn't add up????
Baja motorsports lists there replacement chain as 70 links. I also measured my chain and it was 51 inches(with a few links removed and stock chain). But this xtreme chain is 106 links and the length is 40 inches(most xtreme chains say this). Am I going :eek:ut:. How could 106 links be only 40 inches and the stock doodlebug be 70 links 51 plus inches???

NEW Xtreme Extreme Go Kart Cart Racing Chain # 35 RLV: eBay Motors (item 170514269439 end time Aug-14-10 15:51:35 PDT)

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I think is in the way they count the links. Where the extreme chain counts every link therefore 106, and baja counts the inner and outer as one. Therefore the extreme chain would be 53 links in the baja counts it.


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HaHa!!! That's why a couple of months ago I asked in the thread about a suplier for new rear sprockets that was available if they also had spockets that fit the doodle wih #41 chain. For the same reason. I got tired of weak stretched chain. No #41 sprockets and we are still stuck with the expensive RLV chain as the only fix.
The RLV chains are really nice quality. I use them on most of my bikes because I like to use clutch brakes. And as you know....if the chain breaks you gots no brakes. They look good too. :thumbsup: Well worth the extra cost if you can swing it.
RLV are good chains,I bought gold chain for my both my bikes.over the cheap chain it has saved me money in the long run. if you run cheap chain your sprockets will wear out faster too. Mine have also stayed adjusted without stretching as much.
how is $40 for good chain expensive?

i'd drop $40 for the good stuff before i spent $20 on 10' of some cheap chinese shit.
I agree.

I went to the Gold on gold for all my bikes and I don't have to deal with that BS routine of shortening the chain after it stretches.

If RLV made 41 pitch xtreme chain I'd buy 10 boxes of it.
Here is the problem: there is a clue as to when a chain needs replaced-when it streches so much that you would have to knock out a link----it's time to throw away the chain!!! They are breaking because your running them past their service life!
I run the RLV chain gold on gold on my race karts and we replace them after a season... and you can tell the difference between a new tight chain and the worn out chain...