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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

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The ones I make are for 22mm mikunis…I don’t have a pattern for the pz carbs
Hi I saw some post where you were fabricating Tec Intakes. I was wondering if you had anything for a hs50 to a PZ20 slide carb for my blue angle? Thanks
Good morning sir. I’m also a new memeber. I picked up a super Bronc for my boys. I’ve heard through the grape vine that your the main source for parts and information. Wondering if you had some parts. Looking for speedometer, brake parts, tail light?
Thank you
Also maybe replacement fenders? The leather seat cover ?
Thanks again
How do I post a wanted ad?
Just go on the home page and you will see the section for "wanted". When you click on it, you should see where you can start a new post.
Am located just outside of Cedar Rapids Iowa.
If interested,, I will give you more info from there, ok?


If you still have your "Dinky Cycle", could you send me a close up photo of the serial number tag on the head stock? I'm building one from a "kit" of pieces and would like to have one made. They were built as several models, "Argyle Cub", "Dinky Cycle" and "JoyRide" all in Memphis Missouri, by the Phillips Conveyor Company. THANKS!! @RogerA or
Roger Allgood
Georgetown Texas
Hi Robertt8883 again I am most likely going to make a Deal with you on the Tec 5HP. Have you been thinking what price will work for you,
I also have to watch my budget and cant go overboard.If you interested also have another motor like your that I would want a complete rebuild
.I could pay you up front on that so you wouldn't be using your $$$.Hopefully we can do both

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