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    Quote Originally Posted by SAT View Post
    Not wanting to step on toes here...
    I use a big stick machine for everything over 3/16"-1/4". Part of the reason we got the little MIG was the aluminum spool gun capability.
    If we get a TIG, I gotta get a bigger cart...
    Don't worry about anyone's toes Steve. About that spool. My friend who has a fully equipped machine shop, and pretty much is a god when it comes to building hot rods, and fabricating stuff, told me the spools on those small machines are perfect for larger scale work.

    This friend has three TIG machines of different sizes and capabilities. He recently got a job assembling some aluminum boat trailers (large) for the state of CA to move some boats across the river from AZ. This was a well paying job. He found that by using the spool gun on his smaller MIG, he got better welds for the larger requirements.

    This is a guy who gets paid to make pretty things with his TIG machines. I was surprised to hear him say that about the spool set ups. I have yet to try it- and according to this guy, that spool isn't good for the smaller beads, like on radiators, shrouds, etc.

    Don't worry about stepping on toes. You've got at least two screaming assholes in this thread alone whose toes are bullet proof.
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    I agree with Dave on the spool gun. I have a friend that fabs a lot of aluminum boxes and all he uses is a spool gun. Doesn't even fire up his Tig. Fast, clean and solid welds.

    We have several Pro Spot 5 machines at school. I haven't gotten to play with one yet but I have seen the results. I hadn't seen one before going to school in the fall. They have 3 Mig guns a Tig torch and a stick stinger. The instructor has repaired several aluminum blocks out of wrecks and it will flat weld a block. It has a totally different sound than my aluminum spool gun on my Miller 251. Don't know how to describe it but you know it when you here it.

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    Apologies to the OP, my only experience with the COv2/Argon is limited to the past three years of hobby welding, but it sure is user-friendly. We believe your heat selections and your final welds will be more accurate and strong.
    So thanks for the consultation one and all. I am in the midst of modifying the spool gun to reduce the burn-back into the tip and jamming the wire feed.
    Sorry to hijack this valuable thread. I think hijack is one word...


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