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Mark, did you get that one Tecumseh engine sign from a guy on CL up here? There was one just like that on a metal wire rack a couple of years ago
All my signs have been found on ebay, cant really remember where they came from as far as locations as its been awhile. that smaller '60s era one is a flanged double sided sign for the side of a building. Heres when I got it pre cleanup:

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This just arrived today and it cleaned up real nice!!!! I saw this tecumseh/power products sign pop up on ebay with a buy it now option and jumped, it was a great price even though it is covered in paint and roofing tar. I figured its probably just going to be hung flat on the wall in my small space so I can live with a trashed side.

Heres from the ebay listing:

Right out of the box I started working on the bad side, thankfully there is a clearcoat over the original script and it it held up to some pretty good abuse of goo gone for the tar, lacquer thinner on the over spray super clean and a 0000 steel wool pad, buffer, and finally some wax

not perfect but not bad for a sign from the early 60's era that had that much crap on it I would say now to find a spot for it in the wall!!!!

after shots: