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That seat looks like its from a Zebra even though the frame is something else.
I disreguarded Zebra right off becuase of the frame design and was sort of thinking that seat was just a modded seat maybe off one of those cafe racer style mopeds or something like that. I went and grabbed the stuff yesterday afternoon, It is a zebra seat and just had an extra piece of wood modded onto the bottom of it. Took that off and it is a perfect match to the seat mounts which are not added on....That prompted me to go to the photo section. While nothing like this exact frame shows up, pics of one of your bikes as a roller shows this most likely was a Jan/ho bike

your blue one, scrub, engine plate, and foot peg design match what is still correct on the one I got, I would imagine the kickstand location is correct as well (right side front)

While I dont know if it was from the "Zebra" line, Its pretty safe to say its out of the Jan/Ho stable.

Thank you.... and great to see you still poking around here BTW