I have Two very early Indian 50cc Ponybikes I am restoring(see attacked pictures) They are quite complete. The one with the gold tank decal(lights not attached at the moment) is the earliest Clymer Indian known to exist and interesting to see the bike appears on the back dust cover of Floyd Clymers 1965 book: A Treasury of Motorcyles of the World by Floyd Clymer. Even more interesting is the fact the bike is never mentioned or pictured in the book itself and this little machine seems to be the first revival of the Indian Marque. The other Ponybike I have says Clymer Munch Indian on chrome and painted foil decals on the tank but the bikes are the same and appear in no way to have ever been altered. Also interesting that the Ponybikes have the same tank,fenders and seat as the Electric Papoose prototype in the Starkilite museum. If anyone out there has any more info on these or has ever seen any others please let me know as these are the only I have ever seen or heard of although I have seen old Clymer ads with them in it. I also have the Clymer Indian Papoose,Bobcat 100 and Mini mini with training wheels.

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