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Hi Roo24 I have a brand new untouched or used in anyway a 1994 H-50 if interested.I would assist in shipping buyer pays the shipping charges
Hey, I’m looking for something abit older it’s to go a 1970s mower
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Jim, interested in ordering a zippered hoodie in large. Is there just one color, and if so, what is it? Can i send usps you a personal check or money order? If so, to what address?
They all come in the same Gray color , a zippered hoodie is $45 and if you want it shipped to you thats $8 , you can send me a postal money order , i have an order going in in about 2 to 3 weeks , i have to have a minimum order for the printer do print the shirts , im almost there , i would need your name and address for the book so when i get them i know where to send it , Thanks for supporting our event