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Hello, I am very interested in the mickey if available. please give me a call or text at 313-461-2625 or feel free to message back here.
thanks, Tom
Charles S
Charles S
If you look above, you will see that he hasn't been on here in 7 years (Last seen: Oct 2, 2015). You could try sending him a message using the "Start conversation" button above. If he's still alive, and if his email address hasn't changed, and if he left notifications turned on, he might receive an email notification. I imagine it was sold long ago. If not, it's probably worth the price of a nice new car by now.
Hi, Ill take the CAT tank if its still available. My shipping for costs is:
Andy DiMizio
342 Tyrus Ct.
Nipomo, CA. 93444
Can send PayPal as friend or however you like.
Hi Andy,
I could certainly do that... I dont know if I can get to the post office monday due to medical tests for my wife but Tuesday should be good for me... paypal is fine, you can verify with most of the older members on here what kind of person I am to deal with so you can rest easy I'm a straight up guy... my paypal is RLDMAD1@gmail.com, all lower case.... I should be able pack it nice in a large flatrate box