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Concerning your MTD wheel situation you may see if one of our east coast members that are going to the upcoming
Sunday July 21st L.I. Mini Bike Madness Show and Swap Meet could be on the lookout for a spare wheel with good bearings.
There will an ass load of parts there. I am not able to attend or would gladly help you out.

Post up a request on the Wanted section and see what you get. Can't hurt.
Good luck.
Well I do have a single, as mentioned, and I figured it was worth $125 plus shipping. However, on closer examination, its a bit marked up. I will try to get some pics to you but it would be easier to text them if you want to provide me with a #. I would like to get $75 plus the ride for it. I believe it has new bearings also.
Let me know and be aware that it well be around 2 weeks before I can get it shipped.
Hey Steve, just to let you know, I have a crapload of Heald stuff that I want to sell. Some of its pretty rusty and a couple of bikes are pretty nice. If you're interested I will provide more info and pics. I would like to sell as a package and you are close enough you could pick it up. I live an hour north of Spokane. let me know. No hurry.