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Am going to have a pretty much brand new set of Mega Moto ''rigid'' 105 forks up for sale probably within the week.
If interested, send me a personal message here, or e - mail me @ i74pb.76@gmail.com
I would offer them to you for 20 plus shipping.
Cool TriCat. I have a Muskin Dune Cat. Always wanted the 3 wheeler to go along next to it. Would you sell it? You can send pics if interested to teeksoffroad@hotmail.com

Thanks. Tim
Bonanza BC 1400T Ok so i also have a Bonanza BC 1400 T and its in the process of being built.Markus is great for Knowledg along with building great bikes.If your going to try to do a build close to the Original stay away from the Harbor Freight Predators they are Jun k dont take my word ask around for others opinions.There are plenty of available used engines around,I can send you pics of mine if you like just need
Midwest608mini bikes is the new name of my FBook page. I build and restore mini bikes, permoting mini bike racing in the Midwest states WI, LA, IL and MI, Drags, Flat track and MBIKE shows. Contact me for more info. Thanks Chris Nelson.