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    Rear Shocks

    you can get the same ones from northern tool or harbor freight for less money
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    Bonanza Hodaka Exhaust needed (MX preferred, but can use a BC Series)

    Let me know what you've got
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    What brand mini bike does this seat belong too?

    I thought cat as well
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    Craftsman/Tecumseh engine year help

    it's either 74 or 84. Got a pic?
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    Need a set of wheels

    That's awesome! I'm glad you were able to find what you needed :)
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    Putting nitrous on any stock engine is a great way to throw a rod
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    Broken Foot Peg

    I think the OP's bike is a Doodlebug DB30. The tubing on those is pretty flimsy.
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    Need a set of wheels

    Those are Bird Thunderbird/Nighthawk wheels. There was a pair listed on Ebay recently. The seller is a member here. Maybe he still has them? @Rick Adams
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    Bonanza model number and year?

    Probably a BC 1200 or 1300. Kinda' hard to tell without the engine
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    Long Distance What is it ?

    Mini Heald Bronc maybe. VT3 ?
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    Chrome 1970 Rupp Sprint Clutch Guard

    $300 shipped
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    Beware of Rachel Mierop on Ebay

    I just wanted to update that I got a message from Ebay user mcar1956 today claiming to be Rachel Mierop. She said she has never had anything to do with mini bikes and to delete this thread. I told her I can't delete the thread and she got mad and said some choice words. I'm not sure if it's the...
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    Need help finding out what this is

    That definitely looks like a Bird Wren to me. There was a company called Trojan offering bikes, but I've never seen one like that. They looked more like suped up Bonanzas That's not to say they didn't rebadge some Birds for their product line though. I'm sure @markus would be able to give...
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    Is this a bird?

    Manco Streaker
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    Looking to buy a Heald Hauler

    Nope, just the one