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    Best way to remove a tire that's really stuck on the beads?

    I've used a small pry bar behind the lip of the rim before, but that was on a steel wheel. I don't know that I'd run that on cast aluminum for fear of breaking it. Take it to a tire shop. They'll have the right tool for the job and only charge a small fee and save you lots of time and headache
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    Speedway torque converter driver

    I think I have the entire outer portion in the shop. As I recall, it's in good condition. Shoot me a PM with your number and I'll send pics via text message
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    Hello all...

    It's a Bird made bike
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    Vintage old skool kool?

    I had one of those Cooper Klippers last year. Cool little mowers.
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    Gilson Two Speed Survivor

    Bump After some beat up parts showed up and brought in big bucks on Ebay, I believe that is where mine's heading. Last call.
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    Picked theses up at a sale today...

    Not quite
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    a few more too good to be true ebay listins?

    PayPal will refer you to eBay. File on eBay. If they give you gruff, go to PayPal. If they refuse, go to your credit card company
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    What kind of bike is this ?

    sorry, we don't give values here per forum rules
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    What kind of bike is this ?

    Powerdyne. I'm not sure of the model name. For some reason I'm thinking 1400 but I don't think that's right
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    a few more too good to be true ebay listins?

    I've noticed a huge influx of spam in my email box as well. Most are from adult dating sites and "young singles in you're area". It went from 2-3 junk emails per day to 40-50. I can't file a claim until tomorrow, but will do so as soon as they let me. I can't believe Ebay didn't pull the plug...
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    Is this a Scam?

    I think it reminds me more of the engines for dirt cheap on eBay a couple of months back. I submitted a claim against the seller today.
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    Rumor has it.....

    funny - I was at a picnic this summer where someone showed a picture of that mower to me and said the same thing. I corrected him and directed him to Jeep's YouTube page, where he drooled over all the cool projects. Seriously, too many to name.
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    its one of the three

    Briggs isn't original. It's not a Wards if it was Orange. Orange was used on Gilson two speed models and most of the Allis models. That input sprocket on the jackshaft was originally a sprag sprocket for a comet two speed and it's been brazed in place. I know because the one I have was exactly...
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    Studemane and Davis are smart alecs.

    I resent that I wasn't included in this accusation.