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    briggs head wanted

    i also have a few 3hp blocks. pm me if u are still in need :thumbsup:
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    need help!

    i have this rear wheel sprocket that requires a very large tooth chain , i have the chain also but i was wondering who i can tell what size front sprocket i would need? and if they even make em that big. the way it was set up before it had a 2 speed gearbox on it that the motor ran a belt to the...
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    Events in Wa?

    i would love to find some events too. not too many minis on the roads around here. never seen anything other than bajas.
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    wtb 3/4 bore pulley

    does anyone have a pulley that with fit my hf 6.5 clone? im in desperate need of one.
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    Briggs Flatheads...and stuff...

    what do you want for a clutch?
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    Briggs Flatheads...and stuff...

    do you have any 5/8 clutches you wanna part with?
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    Briggs Flatheads...and stuff...

    What's the lowest you will go on the 2hp?
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    Briggs Flatheads...and stuff...

    ya learn something new everyday :bowdown:
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    Briggs Flatheads...and stuff...

    oh i see. if motor is 3hp then its 5/8 shaft. thanks anyways :thumbsup:
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    Tote gote Parts

    do u have any pics? im interested and if i intend to buy we wont need to worry bout shipping :thumbsup:
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    Briggs Flatheads...and stuff...

    interested in parting out? i would take one of your shallow tanks. if the shaft on the red motor is 3/4 i would take the pulley off it:thumbsup:
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    tote goat?? model?? any info will help

    well it was nice to have in my possesion while i had it. my shop was broken into and it was stolen. :censure: :angry::cursing::asshole::gun_bandana::death:
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    tote goat?? model?? any info will help

    however this looks exactly like what i have also TGBRO
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    tote goat?? model?? any info will help

    now seeing other pictures on here of an early 60's trail blazer it seems to be exactly what i have. :thumbsup: when it comes to general interest how does a trailblazer stand next to a tote goat?